fimH Antibody-100ug

  • Product Details

Target: FIMH

Protein Type: Recombinant

Protein characteristics: AA 22-300

Source: E. coli

Source: Yeast

Purification / Conjugate Label: Your label

Request: SDS-PAGE (SDS)

Purification: SDS-PAGE

Purity: > 90%

  • Application Details

Application notes

The investigator must determine the optimal working dilution.

Restrictions: For research use only

  • Handling

Format: Liquid

Concentration: 0.1-2 mg / ml

Buffer: 20 mM Tris-HCl-based buffer, pH 8.0

Storage: -80 ° C, 4 ° C, -20 ° C

Storage comment

Store at -20 ° C, for long-term storage, store at -20 ° C or -80 ° C. Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. Store working aliquots at 4 ° C for up to one week.

  • Target Details

Target: FIMH


It is involved in the regulation of the length and mediation of the adhesion of type 1 fimbriae (but is not necessary for the production of fimbriae). Adhesin is responsible for binding to D-mannose. It is placed laterally at intervals in the structure of type 1 fimbriae. Fimo and FimG are required to integrate FimH into the fimbriae.

Molecular weight: 31.1 kDa

UniProt: P08191

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